Map Reviews: Day Light Two

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Map Reviews: Day Light Two

Post by Wayek » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:23 pm

Day Light Two

made by: MoParMan (converted by Lightfoot)
length: little over 6 minutes
car used: 'rhana

This a great map that was originally Mulholland Race then became Day Light Race and now finally Day Light Two, both of which were updated/converted by Lightfoot. The first being a night time map where you had to drive with your headlights on, the second was the same thing but updated to day light, the third looks like a bomb hit the map and there's a pallet change and the place holders (or buildings) have been nearly all removed...this to me is the definitive version of the map. Now this is a long one which I would say has a higher difficulty, you go up a huge winding mountain with lots of chances to just hit a corner wrong and you're done, there's a spot about a minute in the track you need to watch your speed (we all know the spot I'm talkin about), at least two jumps that you might have to use nitrous for and there's some 'backroads' that give you kinda alternate route but don't expect to shave off any time and get ahead that way. Now the difficulties won't work against you if you know what you're doing but even then all it takes is one slip and you could be toast. I'd give it about a 3 out of 5 and some extra for Light's work, giving it a 3.5 in total.
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