Vigilante vs. Firewall

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Vigilante vs. Firewall

Post by KIV 6051 [SH] » Fri Sep 17, 2004 6:49 pm

I would like to know what settings to put on Zone Alarm so that people can join a game that I host on Ntro Pack under 98. I tried to host a game with Zone Alarm on once and tex said he couldn't join it. It could be it automatically blocked him, so I guess I could try turning on the alert and catching that instance that someone tries to join my game though that would be tedious and would open holes to the general part of y'alls ISPs (wouldn't it?)
I also would like to know if anyone has expereinced changes in the way the XP firewall reacts to the game or if the hosting problems have changed since Service Pack 2 has been released. I did notice that when I hosted a game (only for the unsucessful attempt at completing Ruins) under XP the double chat text and screwy steering seems to be fixed. I still don't know about joining games though since I've yet to try it. One of these days I need to get ICQ so that I can find someone to help me. :roll:

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Post by HMG [UKA] » Sun Oct 03, 2004 8:12 am

Well, a friend of mine is having a similar problem. He has a firewall and insists on keeping it on under all circumstances. I used Zone Alarm for a bit and appreciate firewalls, but they also disrupt games a whole lot.

I found that if I blocked access to certain programs from accessing the internet and switched off the firewall, the programs remained blocked until they were restarted or after a reboot.

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