Requesting help...

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Requesting help...

Post by Diamond » Mon Aug 02, 2004 3:04 pm

Hey fellas! I know I don't participate much here, if at all anymore, but I'm always glad to stop by here and see old faces. I tried to get into the TNE last week, and I actually got into the game but it seems to disconnect me after about 15 seconds. I don't think anyone noticed I joined either, so I may have not really been there (on their screen). When I saw the text, every word was cut in half horizontally. I think this is my problem:

6) Q - When I enter a game I can only play for about 15 seconds then I'm dropped. The same thing happens when I host a game but to the other players.

A - You're most likely behind a router witha firewall in it that does not allow the UDP port traffic the game updates itself on. Move your PC into the routers DMZ or bypass the router. If you don't understand this step you will need one on one help to bypass the problem.

^^^That's from Light's I76 XP FAQ. I'm running XP Home Edition and I DO have a router, however, I disabled it before I joined, but it still happens. I do not launch Nitro from the splash file. I run it from nitro.exe. That way, I can use my gamepad. Could this be the problem? I'd really hate to run it from the splash exe file, then I couldn't use my gamepad, or could I? hehe, man I'm dumb when it comes to technical stuff with computers.

Other than that, everything seems fine, I don't get the double text anymore nor the wacky driving controls. So if anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it, see you on the road! (I Hope)!

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Post by Lightfoot » Mon Aug 02, 2004 3:16 pm

You're either running the native XP (or aftermarket) firewall that needs to be disabled or a hardware router, like commonly used for DSL or cable...

Check these things and let us know.

If you're behind a hardware router, see if there's a DMZ (read: public IP address) that you use and go from there.
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Re: Requesting help...

Post by KIV 6051 [SH] » Mon Aug 02, 2004 6:15 pm

Diamond wrote:When I saw the text, every word was cut in half horizontally.
You will have to set the resolution to 800x600 or lower I'm afraid. The XP firewall doesn't keep me from playing online, but it seems to corrupt my outgoing packets as my controls act funny (mainly steering) and it causes duplicate text. Zone Alarm from Zone Labs causes no problems for me while working under Windows 98 for playing online in any respect, thank goodness.

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