Can't Join Games? (a lesson in why...)

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Can't Join Games? (a lesson in why...)

Post by Wayek » Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:42 pm

For those of you that are installed/patched/have the map pack but unable to join games, here are the type of problem you may be having and why.

Are you ready? let's begin...

I can see the game on the website but nothing shows up when I try and join the game on the server:

A) You've got a typographical error in the server name.
B) You've got a firewall enabled.
--- 1) You may have more than one firewall running if you have AV software installed

I can see the game on the website and on the server but I can't get any of the game details to show up or join:

A) You've downloaded and installed the NITSHELL.DLL with all the weapons unlocked. This file is not compatible with the current patch.
B) You do not have Patch IV properly installed.

I can see the game on the website, see the details in the game and join but after a couple minutes I crash:

A) You do not have UPNP enabled in your router.
B) God hates you.

This concludes our lesson.
Class is dismissed.
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