Can't Join Games? (a lesson in why...)

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Can't Join Games? (a lesson in why...)

Post by Wayek » Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:42 pm

For those of you that are installed/patched/have the map pack but unable to join games, here are the type of problem you may be having and why.

Are you ready? let's begin...

I can see the game on the website but nothing shows up when I try and join the game on the server:

A) You've got a typographical error in the server name.
B) You've got a firewall enabled.
--- 1) You may have more than one firewall running if you have AV software installed

I can see the game on the website and on the server but I can't get any of the game details to show up or join:

A) You've downloaded and installed the NITSHELL.DLL with all the weapons unlocked. This file is not compatible with the current patch. Use this NITSHELL.DLL
B) You do not have Patch IV properly installed.

I can see the game on the website, see the details in the game and join but after a couple minutes I crash:

A) You do not have UPNP enabled in your router.
B) God hates you.

This concludes our lesson.
Class is dismissed.
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