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Re: Lots of files

Post by GuyFawkesGaming » Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:28 pm

Lightfoot [FD] wrote: GOG doesn't acknowledge that this site exists so they can get bent. I've tried three times to help them help everyone else but they're too cool to even reply so they get what they get...which is a whole bunch of people wanting refunds.
Yeh, :lol: Even I wanted one a first. Didn't log in for a while.
Lightfoot [FD] wrote:Feel free to double check. Feel free to triple check. Feel free to be paranoid...however, that doesn't discount the fact that we've been here as the custodians of the game since 2001 and seem to be the only group playing regularly. That would imply that we've been at least on the right track...however, that doesn't mean we'll be able to get everyone running outside of normal resolutions, in a 3D mode, with all the features working properly.
Fair point.
I do this that Fix that wine user posted looks interesting though, be it with some cleaning up first. From what I understand I removes the need to enable the compatibility setting in properties, which could be helpful especially since those options don't always work for everyone. Of course It'd probably just be easier to just enable those compatibility options. :roll: And like I said, a gog users said the patch doesn't work on windows, then again maybe he miss understood what it does (thought it was a magical patch that's suppose to solve all his issues).
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Re: Lots of files

Post by Wayek » Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:08 pm

Ehh... not sure if it's just me or the DLL file but when I get to the server screen and enter in my IP and click done, it just goes to desktop ... not even the "Game server not responding" pops up and I have that port forwarded too

like I said, not sure if it's me or the DLL file but I'll revert back and try it again one day ...... really I'm not bothered by it if I can't play vanilla online :lol:

TRIP/scenarios and instant melee all work great though!
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