how to play interstate76/nitro riders on lan

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how to play interstate76/nitro riders on lan

Post by froggy101 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:58 am

Hi guys so a few years ago i found out how to get this game working on lan, i only found this forum now so i thought ide share it with you guys.
simple go to this website and download this, it was designed for IPX games and we used it for RED alert 2, so i thought ide try it for interstate and bam it worked 100 % once in ur main nitro riders folder you can then click on IPX and host a game, i have come up with a few issues tho and hopefully with ur help we can fix them, first one is sound in multiplayer, some sounds get stuck but this is an easy fix, go to options in game then audio and set channels to 2, the real big problem i get tho is on good machines, sometimes tracer rounds wont show up in multiplayer IPX and thats half of interstate, if you play single player they will work if u play instant melee they will work. but multiplayer you will just here the sound but see no round, i fixed this a few ways, first make sure ur graphics card is set to quality and not performance, you can try make a shortcut on ur main EXE and add -glide but that doesnt always work either, so i found this site this has a splash file that you use to open the game, then choose between a few options and sometimes you can get tracer rounds to work on a pc thats being stubborn, just a side note , i can get this game to work on nearly any pc, i can always get the ipx/lan to work on any pc, and the lan works great, very smooth very fun its awesome and easy to use, its the tracer rounds problem i want to try fix on some pc's, also flamethrowers dont work either and as far as i know never did, all other weapons work fine...

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Re: how to play interstate76/nitro riders on lan

Post by Lightfoot » Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:46 am

Thanks, Froggy!

You should check out Nitro Patch III if you want to play on the Internet.

The IPX trick is solid, though!

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