Windows 10 Update

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Windows 10 Update

Post by Lightfoot » Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:41 pm

Hey kids,

I just upgraded a lappy from Win8 to Win10 and decided to put it through a couple of tests.

First and foremost, the native install works properly on the Acer and the game can be linked and launched using the default icon(s) with no changes to compatibility or admin rights.

I'm not sure if it's this device or not but there are no options outside Window and Software mode and forcing the -d3d switch crashes the game.

To avoid issues with Patch III and ALLNITROMAPS I have started changing the permissions on the installation folder to have the ownership changed to the current user (or Users group) and adding "Full Control" for everyone.

This stops some of the critical files from not being overwritten, nullifying the full functinality of the patch and some of the map files.

I was unable get DXTory, Bandicam or FRAPS working properly so I'm betting there's an issue with the on-board video cards power....but regardless.

I'll keep playing with it for a bit longer today, then see you at the event tonight.


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