The Dogfox and the Vixen

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The Dogfox and the Vixen

Post by Redline Fox » Fri Apr 02, 2004 3:23 pm

Another less intresting story of mine. Written a long time ago. Uses two familier characters which are copyright to Activision, which we all know. Again, not my best work but whatever... :P

The Dogfox and the Vixen.

July 18th, 1975

It was late morning, and I was having breakfast in a small dinner on a lonely
stretch of highway about 100 miles outside of Oklahoma City. I forget the name of the
dinner, but I remember that there was a shiny new Gas-4-Cash across the street. It had
been about a month since I left New Jersey, so I was still looking forward to becoming a
great vigilante. Images of being admired by many people along with doing great things
danced in my young mind as I ate the cornbeef hash and eggs on my plate. Spinning
around on the counter stool, I looked out at my blood red Picard Piranha and gave one of
those cocky smiles only someone who is too young to have had it wiped off his face could
give. I had gotten myself a pair of 20mm cannons for dirt cheap. With those guns
mounted up the sleek high performance car I felt ready to take on the world.
I was almost done my breakfast when I heard the rumbling of a powerful V-8 pull
up outside. I cocked my head to try and get a look at the source of the sound but could not
see the car. Shrugging I finished off my food and started digging in my pocket for some
money. A knot formed in my stomach as I realized I did not have enough cash to pay the
bill. I had spent the last of my money rigging up my Piranha for combat.

The waitress gave me a nasty look, ?You got any money or not kid??

?Uh...yeah....just let me go out and check my car...I am sure I have some cash there.? I

She snorted, ?I don?t think so. If you don?t have the money, your going to have to......?

A hand slammed a five dollar bill on the counter, surprising both me and the
waitress. Turning to see who had just bailed me out I saw a beautiful women dressed in
blue bell bottoms and a red top.

She said to the waitress, ?This should cover it Linda.?

The waitress took the money satisfied with payment then went back to work. She
took the time to give me another nasty look. The women who had just come in sat down
next to me and looked me over.

She asked, ?So where are you from kid.?

?New Jersey,? I replied.

She cocked a eyebrow.

?New Jersey eh? So what are you doing all the way out in Oklahoma?? She asked the last
question in a way that reflected she already knew the answer. I noticed this.

?I?ve come out to help put a stop to all the shit that?s going on out here,? I said with
conviction and pride. ?Your probably thinking that you have heard that same line before,
from people my age.? I added.

She was not very impressed, ?Yes, I?ve also heard the that second line before also. Take
some advice kid, go back home and be safe. Good bet that your parents are worried sick
about you.? She said bluntly.

With youthful defiance, ?The hell with my parents. I don?t need anyone controlling my
life anymore. I?m not going back to New Jersey and live in ignorant bliss that everything
will be all right if I just do what I am told and be a good kid.?

?Whoa kid, take it easy.? She replied in slight surprise. She took a closer look at me,
considering her next words. ?Would anything I say have any affect on you at all??

That threw me off, ?Huh? What do you mean??

?I mean, am I wasting my time with you. Should I just end this conversation, walk out,
and forget you. Or does the words I say reach you in anyway. Would you listen to my
advice?? She said.

A little confused and anxious, I said, ?I?m sorry if you want me to go home...but I wont. I
appreciate you helping me out here, but I will make my own choices. That?s just the way I
am. Always have been.? I thought for a moment. ?But I?ll always take advice into
consideration, even if I don?t on the surface seem to.?

?Is that your Piranha out there?? She asked.

?Yes,? I replied.

She stood up while making a motion for me to follow her. We walked out into the
dinner?s parking lot and up to my car. She inspected the guns, then popped open the hood.
I stood silent watching her, making sure she did not try anything funny. I must admit, I
was not paying enough attention, because I was distracted by her graceful body. She
slammed the hood shut, snapping me out of my daydreaming.

She began her critique, ?ARR Piranha, 340 Six-Barrel, 16-inch wheels...good suspension
parts...nice car you have here. Would make a good road racer.?

Her compliment, for a moment, made me high as a kite. Then she pulled the string
and sent me crashing back to Earth.

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Post by Redline Fox » Fri Apr 02, 2004 3:24 pm

She continued, ?But your weapon setup is pathetic. These 20mm cannons are a waste of
money, they are an old design, not very effective. Smaller guns with faster muzzle
velocity can do just as much damage. Get a 30mm if you want a heavy slow firing
weapon.? She walked around to the back of my car. ?You don?t even have a dropper. Get

A little flustered I spat out, ?And just who the hell are you anyway??

She gave me one of those looks. A look that you usually only got from your
mother. A look that says you really should have kept your mouth shut.

?I?m a chick that has a lot more experience out here then you kid.? She said with that
glare. ?And if you plan on surviving out here, you best listen up. Listen up good to what I

Realizing I was out of line, I looked down at the ground and kicked at the dirt.

?Sorry,? I said apologetically. ?I?m listening....?

?Good,? She said in a more friendly tone. ?Now look, I want you to go to this address.
You got some paper and a pencil?? She asked.

Without answering I ran over to my car and dug into the glove box. After a few
seconds I triumphantly produced a notepad and pen.

?Ok...go ahead.? I said.

She gave me a address to something called the AVG.

?What is the AVG?? I asked.

?You?ll find out, just go there. They will take care of your needs.? She replied.

She started walking away, as she did so I finally noticed her car which was sitting
on the opposite end of the parking lot. A black on orange Picard Piranha. The car had two
black racing stripes running the length of the car and a black pinstripe on the side that
widened at the back, to serve as the background for the numbers 432, an engine

?Hey, is that your car?? I asked.

?No, my car is invisible. Only I can see it.? She replied sarcastically as she opened its
driver?s door and leaned on it.

With a chuckle I gave in, ?Ok ok, its really nice. That paint job is really cool.?

?So is yours kid, try to keep it that way.? She said with sincerity. ?By the way, you might
want to consider a 440 or HEMI if you start mounting a heavier payload.

I looked at the address I had crudely written on the notepad that I held in my

?Hey, what if these guys want to know who I am? I mean, what exactly...,? I was
speaking hesitantly.

She cut me off, ?Just tell them Vixen sent you.?

I scratched my head, ?Vixen is your name??

She smiled, ?Its what you will know me as.?

?Uh...alright...? I said with some doubt as a thought crept into my mind. ?Isn?t a vixen a
female fox? Is that why you chose that color scheme for your car??

She cocked her eyebrow again, ?Your pretty quick there kid.? She looked me over again,
?Quite the fox yourself I must bad your so young.? She winked. I leaned back
against my car a little embarrassed. ?But a vixen is also a ill-tempered women, so take
your choice of meanings.?

?I think I?ll just combine the two when thinking of you.? I said.

She laughed, ?Don?t think of me to much kid, you might go blind.?

?Uh...? Was the only response I could get out.

She got in her ?Ranha and pulled out of the parking lot. A silver Jefferson
Sovereign pulled out of the Gas-4-Cash across the street and the two cars sped off down
the road together.

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