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Time Lines

Post by Redline Fox » Thu Feb 05, 2004 10:24 pm

This thread will be for time lines for characters, stories and general major events. As intrest grows and more stories are posted information will be added here. I have a large collection to share, but, can not post them all at once of course. Stay tuned.

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Post by Redline Fox » Sat Mar 06, 2004 9:19 am

Some of these stories have not be released yet on this board, their future release depends on my motivation to do so. :wink:

May 10th, 1975

Redline Fox arrives in the Southwest.

July 18th, 1975 ?The Dogfox and Vixen?

Redline Fox meets the famous Vixen at a run down restaurant. After they talk, he finds the inspiration to take a vigilante name. First reports of ?Redline Fox? begin in the area. However it is a significant amount of time before ?Redline Fox? is a common recognized name.

April 5th, 1977 ?Redline?s Hammer?

Redline Fox engages in combat with unknown criminals. This engagement marks a important step in his life as a vigilante, becoming a ?ace? fighter, although he was not aware of it.

November 3rd, 1977 ?Old Friends?

Redline Fox has a confrontation with people from his past. Thanks to intervention from Ace English and Jilljoe, he survived. The act of intervention also solidified Redline?s place within the larger inner-circle of vigilantes, although he was not fully aware of it after a long period of gradual acceptance. It was more his own fault then anyone else?s, since he always isolated himself.

May 7th, 1979 ?New England Run?

Redline Fox is recruited by Federal agents to take part in a conflict in New England. Details are sketchy because he never discussed it with many people. When he returned his Piranha was lost and he was having a bout of severe depression and psychological disorders. In time he recovered. He left TMR, stealing one of their Manta?s and took up a long standing offer by the Freak Dogs.

March 23rd, 1981. ?Death of Lightfoot?

Lightfoot goes after and is apparently killed by Death Machine, although no evidence is ever found to support the death of either individual.

May-June 1983. ?High Stakes?

An old villain brings a new threat that could shatter the fragile framework of a nations reconstruction. Veteran vigilantes find the game that they are playing may not be one they can win, as the dealer is shuffling the cards and only the aces can win the jackpot. No matter the result, win or loose, many will fold their hand in the end. Redline Fox takes calculated risks, but gambling always gets him into trouble.

August 12th, 1986. ?Kids N. Vigs?

After a small child is found apparently abandoned in his car, Redline Fox is drawn into one last quest. In the ensuing conflict, he is forced to confront his past and the mistakes he has made. For good or bad, the forces of the universe bring his life as a vigilante full circle.


This is a time line of the fan-fic stories I have wrote or worked on with others in a co-op. The stories may be released on the board if enough intrest is shown. A time line is provided to help give a better idea of what the character of Redline Fox is about and does not necessarily relfect the attitudes and personal demeanor of the person that is me, the writer. If you would like to add timeline information for your own character, feel free to post something up. You can focus a summary on your character's role in the stories already mentioned if need be.

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Post by Wing Nut OOA » Sun Sep 18, 2005 6:35 pm

i dont write well enough for there to be fiction on myself.

one thing confuses me though

in death of Lightfoot he is "killed" by DM and supposedly never seen again,

however in high stakes when DIRM is dreaming about the events at Oak Ridge, and in kids and vigs as well, it is said that the battle of oak ridge is the last place he was seen.

dont quite understand this. any insight?

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Post by Fnork » Mon Sep 19, 2005 11:56 am

I haven't re-read them in quite a while, but the conflicting information probably depends on the point of view of the character providing the information.

The LF character essentially became a recluse after Oak Ridge, so to the average vigilante it seemed that he had disappeared. To those who were much closer to him, particularly the members of FD, his "disappearance" didn't happen until later during the confrontation with Death Machine. Then of course, some of the main characters in KNV eventually discovered that he hadn't really disappeared at all...

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