Maps with object density issues

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Maps with object density issues

Post by Lightfoot » Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:40 pm

Hey kids,

Thanks to a little (OK, a lot of) help from tonyPick (and D1VER) I've found how to remove objects from maps...

...and quite possibly replace them.


This means we can "fix" things like the wonderful lock ups we experience coming back into town at Mullholland / Day Light' and the jump into town right before the Hill 'O Death on Slipstream 1.1.

Unfortunately, since it changes the map size they have to be renamed and redistributed...on top of being hand edited.

I'm not going to touch Slippy since that's D1VER's baby but am already mid-process cleaning up Day Light Race and should have it ready for the TNE. The town at the start / finish line has been removed (along with the lag) and the only building left is the post office. Aside from maybe removing some of the road signs it just needs to be play tested and packaged, assuming we think we need a *THIRD* version of the map.

It's not Lost Mines, you know. :wink:

Does anyone know of any other maps that need to be looked at? Does anyone care?

Let me know.
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