How do I install maps for Nitro Pack?

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How do I install maps for Nitro Pack?

Post by Lightfoot » Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:09 am

LSM has the largest collection of Interstate '76 and Nitro Pack maps on the ' the question is:

How do you install them?

All of the maps are in ZIP format and should be easy to download, so once you have the ones you want downloaded to your computer start by opening them up.

A lot of the map ZIPs have instructions on how to extract the files, however, back in the day some of the map makers just assumed you'd know where the files go and just included the requisite here's where to put them.

.TER files can be placed in the ADDON, MISS8 and MISS16 folders but are only required in the ADDON folder to play.

.CBT (combat), .RAC (racing) and .CT# (Capture the Flag) files should be copied into the appropriate MISS8 and MISS16 if one is specified, elsewise a copy should be put in each folder, one for "standard" resolution (MISS8) and one for D3D (MISS16).

Here's our example:

Off Road: Speed consists of three files:


To install this map, simply copy the .TER file to ADDON, the _8.rac file to MISS8 and the _16.rac file to MISS16.

You will need to restart the game if you're performing the operation with Nitro running in the background.

Hopefully, this will help some of you join some of us when we're not running stock maps!


PS - Recommendations:

Boondocks (Racing)
Lost Mines (Racing)
Moonshine (Combat)
Moth Escort (CTF)

Or...go for the gusto:

If only you could see what I've seen...

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