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ANET Server Compatible Games

Post by megahirtz » Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:29 pm

Hello Everyone!

This is the list of Activision games that are currently theoretically able to be hosted on the server:

Battlezone Beta
Battlezone 1.0
Battlezone 1.01
Battlezone 1.1
Battlezone 1.2
Battlezone Japanese
Battlezone 1.3
Battlezone 1.4
Battlezone 1.5
Battlezone Odyssey
Civilization: Call To Power
Civilization: Call To Power
Civilization: Call To Power World Editor Preview
Civilization: Call To Power 1.1
Civilization: Call To Power 1.2
Call To Power 2
Call To Power 2 v1.1
Dark Reign 1.0
Dark Reign Demo
Dark Reign Downloadable Demo
Dark Reign
Fighter Squadron
Fighter Squadron 1.5
Fighter Squadron 1.5.1
Heavy Gear 1.0
Heavy Gear 1.1
Heavy Gear 1.2
Heavy Gear 2 Demo
Heavy Gear 2 Beta
Heavy Gear 2 Gamma
Heavy Gear 2
Interstate '76
I'76 Nitro Pack
Interstate 82
MechWarrior 2 BattlePack
Titanium Netmech
MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries 1.10
Titanium Mercnet
Shanghai Dynasty
Shanghai Dynasty Demo
Shanghai Dynasty 1.1
Shanghai Dynasty 1.1 Japanese
Shanghai: Second Dynasty
Shanghai: Second Dynasty 1.1
Zork Grand Inquisitor 1.0 English
Zork Grand Inquisitor 1.0 French
Zork Grand Inquisitor 1.0 Spanish
Zork Grand Inquisitor 1.0 German
Zork Grand Inquisitor 1.01

Here are the games that have been tested and confirmed to work on the server:

Battlezone 1.5
I'76 Nitro Pack

As things are added (if they are added) I'll update this list!

If you test any games that haven't been tested yet let me know and I'll edit the lists accordingly.


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Re: ANET Server Compatible Games

Post by Lightfoot » Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:01 pm

Hey, this evening between about 8:30 and 9:00 I apparently "successfully" hosted a game of original Interstate '76.

Can you check the logs and see if you see anything? Port traffic should have been at 21157, per the instructions on BofH's DLL.

Let us know.

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