Tex almost bites the dust in Louisianna

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tex [FD]
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Tex almost bites the dust in Louisianna

Post by tex [FD] » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:14 pm

My wife and I went on vacation and had a 5 hour drive to New Orleans to get on a boat. We almost ate it bad.

I thought I had dash cam video, But it seems we lost the video in transfer to laptop.
ill try to describe this event here.

so we ran about 80ish with the flow for about 4 hours heading east.

this one spot headed out we were runnin 70ish i think in a pack, in left lane of two.
some idiot 18 wheeler in right lane and ahead by a car or so - swerved and braked for no reason on a right curve, approaching a bridge. this completely spooked the driver next to him (in front of us) and they went full brake and got loose to right for a couple of seconds and towards the big rig.

Holy cow, at that moment, my faith in God kept me calm, and my overwhelming experience on INTERSTATE 76 kept us from certain impact!

I went as much brake as i had to (not full but a lot) and got loose to the left, then to the right. (not enough for ABS)
This is in Louisianna with grooved asphalt highway edges. The grooves are from the grass to the painted line. designed to wake you up if you cross the painted line. At this point we are almost at impact with front car, and from the rear by a Tahoe and the 10 deep I could see behind him, and my driver front tire is almost in the grass- with car pointing to the left a few degrees and within maybe 40 feet of the bridge. So it looked like would were going to strike the concrete about the driver front tire, at a leftward angle - about the time the pile behind us plowed into us. (dont forget the 18 wheeler listing and swerving all over the road right next to us - while entering a bridge).

well, I guess I felt the car get loose and worked the steering just right, cause we were a little loose cutting right - just before impact.

BUT, there was no impact. at all. Nobody even stopped. We were completely shocked that nothing happened!
I think I heard the front driver crap her pants, and my wifes scream deafened me for a while.

It was over real fast and I just floored it to clear the lane and get the hell outta Dodge.

This really happened. April 16th 2017. some where on I-10 in Louisianna just East of Lake Charles. about 2:30pm

Im still here yall. thank God for me will ya.

Now get ready for Tuesday yall, so we can have more life saving driver training!!

Get -r- done


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Re: Tex almost bites the dust in Louisianna

Post by Lightfoot » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:08 am

Glad to hear you didn't end up as gator bait...

...but you're allowed to take credit for staying calm and being a good driver.

If only you could see what I've seen...

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Re: Tex almost bites the dust in Louisianna

Post by sirgallium » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:37 pm

Good thing you had so much experience from the interstate. You make me want to buy some nice tires for my car now. It's nice to have that stopping ability.
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