Brief Event on Saturday

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Brief Event on Saturday

Post by Wayek » Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:49 pm

We had a few spontaneous games Saturday night!

first it was me and Tex on the drag&jump track.. we tried this funny thing where you just race eachother targeted in F5 the whole time.. not too long after we got fired up Lightfoot joined in on some of the action.. later all 3 of us were on the magnum raceway which I can't seem to find on my maps list but the game worked anyways and it was a blast! I love trying these new(old) maps

after Lightfoot retired for the night I noticed another game on the scopes for vig paradise and found myself battling it out in combat with Stormboy and low and behold he brought one of his friends with him Jools and we just hit jumps and killed eachother a couple of times ... lots of fun and hope to see Jools around for some more action! :)

see y'all Tuesday!!!

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