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Back in time

Post by MofoFunk » Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:51 pm

Hi all, MofoFunk here. So strange how I find myself back around these parts. I was randomly searching for vehicles on craigslist and came across an old Willys Jeep. Almost the same paint as the orange Bushmaster I used to pilot on the virtual highways. One Google led to another and I found myself back here.

It made me recall such good times and great community. I went and checked out the map archive and remembered all the time I spent working on those maps and having fun online with friends I never actually met in person. Amazing to be able to download them and read my old txt files (full of grammatical errors and mistakes). Granted I was only 16-18 when I was really plugged into this online community, but it meant a lot to me then and I remember it fondly now.

Kind of wish I had a system setup that could play the game, I'd love just to cruise around a map!

Not sure if this gets much traffic these days but just wanted to put the good vibes out there. I'm doing well. I lived in London, UK from 2006-2015 and have recently relocated back to the US (Michigan at the moment), I travel quite a bit for my work as an artist and am the executive director of an arts non-profit and artist residency program. Hope everyone else is doing well too!

Don't let the man get you down y'all,

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Post by Lightfoot » Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:22 pm

What do you have that can post on messageboards but not run I'76?

I think you can run it on an Apple Pencil.

If only you could see what I've seen...

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